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Citrus Steak

Yes, this bowl is quite scrumptious. The citrusy steak, the crispy greens, and the salty sunflower seeds all contribute fabulous flavors that are jam-packed in this bowl. That being said, for one moment, we would like to move the spotlight to this cashew bergamot dressing. Holy crap, what is in this liquid gold?! You might guess cashews and bergamot, and if you did, you, our friend, are a genius. If you aren’t familiar with bergamot, it’s a somewhat cute/somewhat homely citrus fruit that looks like it came from Mars. Take a spin through Google to see what we’re talking about. Ya feel? We used the bergamot zest and the juice in the dressing, tossed in some cashews, a dash of honey, and immersion blended (our favorite handy-dandy tool!) the shit outta it. Drizzle it all over your bowl and eat up! Chow time.

Total prep time: 1 minute


What’s in your bag:

  • One beauteous bowl
  • Cashew bergamot dressing
  • Sunflower seeds

What you’ll need from home:

  • Nothing
  • OK, a little S+P

How to prep:

  1. Drizzle that dressing.
  2. Toss it around, baby!
  3. Top with sunny seeds.

That’s it! Dinner solved, dinner served. #weareWECO

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