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Citrus Steak Salad

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In the reheating instructions for the main dinner tonight, I touched briefly upon the “limbo” period we are in- where the weather is nice, but there’s no veggies in the ground yet around here. It’s super hard to create menu items that fit the time and place- but it’s also fun to create dishes for the “limbo” period. Things stuck in transit, half this half that, salads and things that can’t really make up their mind. Tonight’s salad bridges the gap between winter and spring (at least to me!) by providing some hearty feels (steak, chicories, dandelion and roasted cashew), but also coming through with the brightness and verdance associated with spring (bergamot, roasty sunflower seeds, fresh baby chicories). I’m all about it. To prep, simply toss everything with the cashew bergamot vinaigrette, season with some salt and black pepper, and enjoy 🙂

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