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Cuban Chicken Bowl

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You must be thinking- wait… I’ve seen this one before… How dare they repeat a menu item. The audacity. Well yeah, okay, you’re right. It’s not cheating, but it’s not exactly putting in 500% effort either. I totally get it. However, we did have our reasons for choosing to repeat this bowl. Reason number one: it’s insanely delicious. Reason number two: I don’t have another reason. It’s just really good. Citrusy mojo marinated chicken, steamed cilantro lime rice, black beans, marinated chayote slaw with baby kale, and a mango salsa for on top. Yummy. To reheat, either scoop everything out of the bowl and bake till hot (probably 375F for like 8 minutes), or just pup it in the microwave. Definitely don’t microwave the ramekin- that doesn’t work. Trust me. I found out the hard way. Once it’s hot, scatter the salsa all over everything and enjoy!

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