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Curried Orzo Bowl

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This one’s fun! Lots of cool stuff happening in here tonight. We’re right on the cusp of having full fledged farms in the area to source from, but as you can tell- it’s a bit chilly out there today, folks, and only the hearty veggies are making an appearance. Until then, we’re gonna keep the warm flavors coming, and tonight, that’s in the form of a curried orzo bowl- complete with roasted chickpeas, summer squash + zucchini, blistered peppers, feta, and mint. Oh yeah, don’t forget about that cherry tomato vinaigrette. Sneakily the best part about the entire dish! To reheat, simply remove the plastic ramekins and pop the whole bowl in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Once hot, cover it with the vinaigrette, mix in that mint and feta situation, and dump a half a bottle of hot sauce on there. You’ve got yourself a bowl! Enjoy 🙂

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