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Cute + Quinoa Bowls

Reheating Cuke + Quinoa bowls!

Who doesn’t like cucumbers. Obviously not you guys, cause you ordered the bowl with cucumbers in the literal title. So I feel like I’ve got the right audience here to profess my love for and the importance of cucumbers in the summer. Not much more to be said than holy crap, cucumbers are awesome, why don’t I eat cucumbers all the time, I should go on a cucumber diet, etc. They’re cool, crispy, and full of water. It’s hard to stay hydrated out there, folks, and sometimes water doesn’t really seem all that appealing. Well, that’s what cucumbers are for. Kinda. But they are extremely hydrating, and very fun to eat. So it’s a win-win. Tonight’s cucumbers are paired up with some summer cherry tomatoes, and tossed in a lovely mixture of dill, lemon zest, minced garlic, and really nice olive oil. Seasoned lightly, and plated up on top of a quinoa salad studded with roasted summer squash, kalamata olives, and baby kale. Bit more lemon essence in there, too. Lemony and fresh. It’s the real deal. For sprinkling on top, we’ve got feta cheese crumbles- the obvious cheese choice for this bowl, and to tie it all together, a super creamy and tangy hummus. 

To prepare the bowl, just scatter the feta on top, and dollop some hummus in strategic locations throughout the bowl. Dig right in. No heating this one up!

If you got yogurt rubbed chicken breasts:

First of all, don’t be alarmed! We gave you some extra because one of our purveyors sent us double the chicken that they should have. But it’s good cause the breasts are kinda small. But yes, you get two. Happy days! These have been marinated in some aromatic saffron and paprika infused yogurt, roasted lightly, and are ready for your bowls! To heat, either broil or microwave till nice and hot, and then slice into strips for stacking on top of your bowls! Pro tip: use the hummus, Luke… The hummus force will guide the chicken pieces directly into your mouth. Who needs pita chips? Chicken is the superior vessel. Enjoy!


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