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Chicken Marsala


Reheating time: 7-12 minutes

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You may have noticed- we like to play around with our menus. We will only repeat something if enough people ask for it (which happens a lot… you guys are persistent!). Because of this, we are always asking our chefs and team for suggestions, and let me tell you- there have been a lot of crazy ones. Theo and I were conceptualizing “jerk” duck confit with foie gras “dirty rice” yesterday… don’t think that one will make the cut, but gives you an idea of the kind of conversations we have around here. Tonight’s dinner was a suggestion from someone on Instagram (you know who you are!)- but I honestly have never had chicken marsala before. Might be hard to believe, but it’s true. I did a bit of reading and decided this is how we would make it. Bone in, or boneless? Mashed potatoes, or roasted? I settled on a mix of the two. So, without further ado, get in there!

For the chicken marsala:

Nothing beats a good pan seared chicken breast. Lightly dredged, and roasted till golden brown, this makes the perfect vessel for the marsala gravy.. Warm your marsala gravy in a saucepot over medium low heat. While it’s heating up, slice your chicken into strips about 1½” thick. Once the gravy is nice and warm, add the chicken pieces and give it a stir. Pop a lid on, turn the heat low, and prepare the rest of the components.

For the roasted potatoes:

I LOVE. POTATOES. These ones are no exception. Set your oven to low broil. On a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil, spread out the potatoes in an even layer. Broil them for 3-5 minutes until caramelly and delicious. 

For the green bean casserole:

This is the real deal. Carefully remove the pieces out of your box and pop them in a casserole dish/oven safe vessel. Bake them in the oven for 5-8 minutes at 375F until they are nice and hot. 

To plate:

The potatoes are the perfect bed for the chicken and gravy. Make a nice landing zone for the marsala, but leave a little room for the casserole too! Finally, ladle the chicken and gravy allllll over everything. It ain’t pretty, but it sure is delicious. 


Thanks for ordering!

In the age of fast food (not just actual fast food, but food that is prepared quickly), nutrients are given second priority to convenience and accessibility. It’s so much easier to eat processed foods than to prepare yourself something healthy from scratch. Chickpeas are a good example- nothing beats dried chickpeas. They are higher in nutritional content, and haven’t been soaked in preservatives and canned for however long. However, the process of cooking dried chickpeas takes a long time- you gotta soak them first, for hours, and then slowly poach them in broth till they are tender and creamy. Not exactly a quick fix for a weeknight dinner. That’s where we come in. We know the value of slow food, and how much of a difference it can make- not only in taste and flavor. Your body is an ecosystem, and we are here to nourish and help sustain this ecosystem. Lentils, chickpeas, preserved lemon, roasted squash, all things that are necessary to properly fuel and sustain you through the day, all in one bowl tonight. There’s a joke going around over here in Boston- basically everyone is laughing at me about how I like to eat everything cold… “Gavin wouldn’t heat this up, he’s an animal. He’d just eat it cold” was a comment regarding the soup last night… Joke’s on them, though. I heated up the soup. Gotta keep them guessing. The chickpeas and lentils, however, I WOULD eat cold. The texture of cold chickpeas and beluga lentils with preserved lemon oil is sublime to me. Judge me. Go ahead. Cold food is sometimes better than hot. Also easier 🙂 You can always pop it in the microwave, or trust me on this one. Enjoy!

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