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Endive Salad

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I talked about this in the reheating instructions for the pork dinner, but I think I need to cover it again here. I’m having an issue with not having enough space on the page when writing these reheating instructions. If you can’t tell, I’m a guy who has a lot to say. Probably a good thing that I need to edit myself for clarity and length, or we would be here all day. But seriously- can  you believe what a year it’s been? I can’t. So many new adventures and experiences, both in my mind and in my life. I never thought I would be here. And I bet you never thought you’d be listening to the ramblings of some toasted chef while trying to understand what to do with your salad. I don’t mind these interactions! Hopefully you don’t either. Adventure and exploration is the theme for 2021. Try new things, experiment, make mistakes in a safe space, but actually don’t make any mistakes cause people will be upset. Tonight’s salad is the perfect example of adventure, both for me and you. I don’t like blue cheese. There, I said it. But I am always trying to find a way in which to enjoy it, and this salad has brought me closer to my goal. Crisp, cool endive, bitter frisee + italian dandelion, crispy prosciutto, toasted hazelnuts, these things are all here to support the infamously controversial gorgonzola. Toss everything in a bowl, drizzle that lemon peppercorn vin on top, give it a season with some salt and pepper, and mix it up. I’m going to eat one for lunch, so maybe we can compare notes 🙂 Enjoy!

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