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Forager’s Bowl

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Spring is in the air! Quite literally! I’m talking about pollen, people. The struggle is real. As soon as the tree buds start to pop, and the daffodils shoot up from their slumber beneath the surface, it’s time for me to start my spring diet of claritin and craploads of local honey. That’s not the only thing I eat in the spring, however… There’s a whole lot to get excited about, but for me, it’s all about the asparagus. Such a versatile stalk, coming in so many sizes, you can truly do so much with it. On Monday, we turned it into bechamel with some spring peas and basil. Delicious. Last week, asparagus was featured with the mind-blowing meatballs, and the week before that, it jazzed up the gnocchi dish. Truly an incredible edible wonder. Tonight, it’s simply roasted and paired up with a variety of spring mushrooms, fiddleheads, pickled ramps, and wild mustard greens. Most of these things are coming in from foragers out on the west coast (thanks to some amazing connections that our purveyors have!), but as the season progresses, keep your eyes peeled for ramps and fiddleheads making an appearance in woodlands near you! Just don’t go foraging for mushrooms unless you know what you’re doing. Trust me. Seriously, TRUST me. 

I’d eat this cold (I love cold roasted mushrooms… texture bomb!), but if you’re interested in a hot bowl this evening, simply remove the pesto ramekin and microwave the whole thing till it’s nice and hot! Or, scoop it all out and bake in the oven. Happy foraging! <3 WECO

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