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Gigi’s Tex Mex Salad

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This salad proved to be a total crowd pleaser a couple months ago when it made its WECO debut. As much as we don’t love to repeat ourselves, we couldn’t stop this from happening. As I’ve said before, every time we go back to a past menu item, we notice things that we may have overlooked before, or elements that could be tweaked or perfected to produce something even better. To be honest, there wasn’t much of that today. We took a look at the salad: it’s so pure, so simple, so delicious- and we decided screw it- we’re keeping it just like it is. Maybe we decided to put a little more cabbage in the salad mix, but that’s probably it. The dressing is absolutely on point. The chickpeas are addictive and should probably be sold by the quart. Roasted corn? Forget it. And Mrs. Chips made a guest appearance to fry up the tortilla strips. Enough said. Not much to do here besides mix everything together with the cilantro lime dressing, season with some salt and pepper (and hot sauce, if you ask me- my go to for this salad would be Valentina. Hunt some down- it’s so worth it). Cool, crunchy, and just all around fun. This salad is a winner, for sure. Thanks Chef Gigi! You’re the best. Can’t do it without you 🙂 Show Gigi some love!!! Enjoy 🙂

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