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Greek Salad + Pita

This one comes from a long brainstorming session, ended with a simple idea. Chef Gigi wanted to do a Greek salad earlier this year, and we were all like… woah, so simple, so pure, so delicious… And thus, Gigi’s Greek salad was born. However, this is a summery twist. Heirloom cherry tomatoes are coming in hot, and we’ve got a whole bevy of them for you- mixed up with kalamata olives, shaved red onions, bell peppers, and feta cheese for on top. We do recommend that you heat the pita bread (350°F oven for 2-3 minutes) – warm is always better for stuffing all the salad into. It’s the best way to eat salad. Kind of makes you forget that you’re eating a salad, and becomes more of a sandwich. Which is fine by us. To prepare the salad, simply dress everything with the red wine vinaigrette, mix in that feta, and stuff that pita bread full! Salad sandwich. Enjoy!


If you got chicken with lemon and dill:

First of all, don’t be alarmed! We meant to cut this up.  And toss it with deliciousness.  Just works so perfectly with the Greek salad.  

Hot or cold – totally up to you.  

Cold – just toss it on your salad and enjoy.  

Hot – use the same oven (350°F) you used for the pita – 3-5 minutes – we recommend this warmed through, but not much more.  Keeps all the flavors at their most wonderful.  More tossing and enjoying. 

That’s it folks! <3 WECO


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