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Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

OK unpopular opinion time! I miss school! The further I slide into adulthood, the more I realize how amazing public education was. I mean you wake up, do your thing, and go to a place where literally all you do all day is learn stuff. The worst part? I hated it. To kids and teenagers (most of them, I’m sure there are some exceptions), school seems like a waste of time. The overwhelming availability of knowledge makes it seem less valuable. Teachers are people who have DEDICATED THEIR LIVES to passing down lessons on ancient history, complex mathematics, biology, physics, all subjects that directly pertain to the future of humanity. The real MVPs. I get why some kids hate school. I really do. I definitely didn’t want to be there. But looking back, it’s the dream situation. Now that we have jobs, and obligations, and have nestled ourselves into this thing called life, the freedom to explore and learn new things is harder and harder to come by. It’s a shame. Guess you never know what you got till it’s gone. The whole reason for this self-indulgent exploration stems from the origin of words- something I learned in Latin class during the three weeks before I dropped out of Latin class. Gyros, gyrate, rotating, meat cooked on a spinning stick. It allllllll makes sense now. We do not have a big rotating stick to cook meat on. But, we do have an amazing butcher, and access to the best beef around. Hard to draw the immediate parallel from what we are serving tonight to actual gyro sandwiches (is that what they are called?), but regardless… Whatever this is, it’s delicious. Super simple to prepare, too. You’re welcome. Get in there!

For the big beefy sandwich wrap thingies:

This beef is, as Theo put it, next level. To assemble, we have two steps to follow here. First, broil the beef on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil. Spread it out in an even layer, but leave some pieces a bit taller than the rest. We want them to make like Icarus and fly too close to the sun (broiler) to get that nice crispy crunchy charred flavor. Broil the beef on high for 3-4 minutes. Check the temp, maybe stir it up a bit, and broil for longer if it needs it. Nice and hot. Next, pita. Ideally, this is grilled over hot coals, but let’s be honest- most of us do not have a hot charcoal grill ready to go. Toast in the toaster oven, or stack on top of the meat in the broiler to get a quick flash of heat on it. Once it’s hot and soft, time to build! Fun part (it’s all fun to me) starts now. Sauces and steak. Split open that pita bread, and apply the sauces liberally! I start with the baba ganoush, put some steak on top, and drizzle the tzatziki over the steak. Just a suggestion. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even put some cukes and tomatoes in there too. Explore every possibility!

For the farro salad:

We think that this component would be best eaten cold. The salad has so much fresh herby and lemon flavor that would probably die or get muted with heat. If you want it hot, hit it in a saute pan with a bit of h2o till it’s nice and steamy. Really tasty with the cuke + tomato salad! The choice is yours!
That’s it!

Thanks for ordering, thanks for being awesome, keep learning!



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