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Harissa Chicken

This job ain’t easy. Actually, my job is probably the easiest part of the whole thing. It’s not hard to cook- anyone can do it. With proper planning and prep, it’s just like cooking at home. Except multiply everything by like a million. The real difficulties lie in logistics- pickup, delivery, packaging, making sure all the orders are right- what we’re doing hasn’t really been done before. Not like this, anyway. In the nine months I have been cooking for you wonderful people, I’ve only encountered a few problems with sourcing product- which is a miracle. However, today was one of the problematic days. Our butcher was unable to provide us with the chicken that I had requested, so instead of using ALL airline breasts (skin on with the wing joint attached), I had to source different chicken (still great quality- just good old boneless skinless breasts from Joyce Farms). Double whammy today- I got shorted on couscous, so I resourcefully whipped you all up a nice blend of couscous, barley, lentils, and chickpeas- again, still delicious. While the meal as a whole is not very different than advertised, it bothers me when things like this happen. So, bear with me here- like I’ve said before, with an open mind, and an empty stomach, get in there!  

For the chicken:

Preheat your oven to 375F. On a sheet tray lined with foil, roast the breasts until they are nice and hot, inside and out. About 5-10 mins. Once they are nice and hot, give them a rest, then slice them up!

For the couscous and grains:

Get a nice big saute pan hot over medium high heat. Add a scant amount of oil or butter, and toss the couscous and grains in. Give them a toss, and let them fry to bloom the aromatics and spices. Once they’re hot and the aromas have bloomed, they’re ready to go.

For the yams:

Pop the yams in the oven with the chicken- they will probably take the same amount of time. Once they’re out, you can either dollop the romesco on top, or toss them in a bowl. Yams + romesco = happiness.

To plate it up:

Start with a nice swoop of saffron yogurt on the plate, then a layer of couscous and grains, then yams, then your slices of chicken.

If you got a tiny trees and rice bowl:

Hot or cold, this hearty healthy treat is sure to please. Either pop it in the microwave (or oven, in a pan or dish), or just enjoy it cold- your call!

That’s it! Dinner is served, and solved.



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