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Harissa Chicken

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Starting today off with a question for you all- of the five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing), which do you feel is the most important to you? I’m sure you’re expecting me to say taste. Technically, you’re right, because my entire livelihood is based around things tasting good. However, there are so many aspects of cooking that are influenced by the other four senses. The sound of crackling chicken skin when it comes out of the oven, the aroma of roasting cauliflower with za’atar, the texture of wild rice as it cooks, these things are all crucial to producing a delicious meal. A good chef has not only a well rounded palate, but is also in tune with all of their senses at all times. The result is a dish that plays to every one of your senses on the other end. Tonight’s dinner is sensory overload- aromas, textures, and tastes are abundant. Get in there!

For the chicken:

Set your oven to low broil. On a sheet tray lined with tinfoil, lay out your pieces of chicken, skin side up. Broil until the skin is golden brown and crispy, and the breast is heated through. Set it aside once it’s hot, and slice when you’re ready to plate.

For the cauliflower:

I was able to get a really cool mix of cauliflower for tonight’s dinner- lots of colors and textures here. Senses! We first roasted it lightly and then dressed it with golden raisin caramel and za’atar. To reheat, simply broil with the chicken until the top is nice and caramelized, and the inside is heated through. 

For the wild rice:

I recommend enjoying this as a cold salad, but it can also be heated up if you’d like. In a saute pan over medium high heat, toss the rice until it is warm and steamy.

To plate it up:

First things first, spread a healthy amount of babaganoush on the bottom of your plate. The idea is to get a little bit of this in every bite… it’s addictive. Next, pile some wild rice on there, a few pieces of cauliflower, and your sliced chicken breast. Take it in with all of your senses, and enjoy 🙂

Dinner solved, dinner served.

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