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Heirloom Tomato Salad Bowl

Check your calendar. No really, go look at it. If it’s on a wall, get up, walk over to the wall, and check it. If it’s on your phone, do whatever you need on your phone to pull it up. If it’s tattooed on your back, go to a mirror and look at it. What does it say? Probably doesn’t say “eat tomatoes” on it. If it does, you win an entire year’s supply of brown paper WECO bags! Congrats <3 🙂 If it doesn’t say eat tomatoes on your calendar, do us a favor, and write it in on every single day from now until like, mid september. NOW IS THE TIME, PEOPLE. Now is the time to be eating tomatoes. We’re all doing it. All the cool kids are doing it. Eat tomatoes. Tonight’s tomatoes are also paired up with the husked green cousin of tomatoes, the tomatillo. Lowkey our favorite summer offering, the tomato and the tomatillo unite in harmony in tonight’s salad to bring you the flavor, sweetness, tartness and taste you never knew you deserved. Also included in the bounty this evening is some fresh roasted corn, queso fresco, red quinoa, and a punchy lemon champagne vinaigrette to dress it all up. So, check your revised calendar, and get ready to cross off the only important task that you need to do today- “eat tomatoes”. Dress this salad up, cold, and dive in. You’ve done it. You’re doing it. You’re eating tomatoes. We are so proud of you <3 <3 <3 <3 


If you got prosciutto + burrata:

This got such a great response when we added it as a second option add-on, and we couldn’t resist giving you more! In our opinion, it’s some serious next level sh*t right here. The tomatoes are already outrageously delicious, but add some prosciutto + burrata on top, and you’ve got a serious issue here – too delicious. Overwhelming flavor. It’s the real deal. Don’t reheat the burrata + prosciutto, just pop them right on top of the bowl and dive in!


So good! So easy! Thanks for ordering.


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