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Hot Oil Noodle Bowl

Reheating Hot Oil Noodle Bowl!

You guys are the best. Really. I’ve never felt like more of a community, filled with supportive, friendly, and engaging people. My entire life, I’ve lowkey hated emails, but now, i’m excited every time someone pops into my inbox. The opportunity as a chef to speak directly to the people enjoying the food we make, is really cool. Fortunately, most of the time, it’s all positive feedback, but I also really value the criticism. It makes us better. Tonight’s bowl comes to you by one of my newfound friends, whose name I will leave out just because it would be weird to call someone out by name in the reheating instructions. But, basically, this person came to ask about the pita we use, and the whole conversation turned into us swapping ideas and recipes. It was a lot of fun. Basically, they suggested that we try to make hot oil noodles, after thoroughly enjoying making the dish themselves. This kind of feedback and discourse is so great, because I struggle every week trying to find things that you guys will like, and also sound fun for us to make. A little help from a new friend goes a long way 🙂 So, we ran with the idea, and ended up settling on using our favorite organic fresh udon noodles, a whole mess of leafy greens from Ray, some awesome firm tofu, and our very own house chili garlic oil. The result is pretty fantastic if I may say myself, and I hope you all will feel the same. 

To reheat: First things first, remove the ramekins of chili oil and peanuts. Pop the whole bowl in the microwave for a few minutes to take the chill off. While the noodles get hot, warm the chili oil in a small pan over medium high heat. Once it’s hot (it will be very fragrant, and start to bubble slightly), pour the hot oil all over the noodles. Mix it all up, cover it with peanuts, and enjoy!


If you got sichuan braised beef:

Nothing goes with noodles like warm, aromatic braised beef. This one’s got all the spices, aromatics, and seasoning that we love, in one cute little beefy package. Either pan fry the beef in a little bit of oil or butter (gets it nice and crispy, and that texture is bong), or just microwave it till hot. Once it’s hot, fold it into the noodles before drizzling over the hot chili oil. That’s it!


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