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Kale + Apple Salad

We are not taking suggestions for what we should call the reheating instructions for salad! Because, in case you hadn’t noticed, you definitely will not be reheating this salad. We’ve thought about just “salad dressing instructions”, but that sounds weird. Maybe “salad tossing instructions”??  Definitely not. “Salad instructions” sounds like a piece of ikea furniture that will take you 30% of your life to complete. We’re stumped. Please let us know. 

Now that’s out of the way, we can talk about this salad. And the instructions. Here we are. Summer greens, make you feel fiiiine! That’s not how the song goes, but we’re singing it anyway. Greens are having a moment. Shaved apple and candied pecans make this salad a real winner. And the cranberries take it to the next level. Anyway, to reheat or dress or toss or construct this salad, all you gotta do is dress it up! Give it a season, and enjoy. Can’t go wrong!


If you got a herb+honey roasted chicken breast!

Excellent choice! Sometimes, a simple chicken breast is all you need to really bulk up an already nutrient and flavor rich meal. The perfect topper to the apples, honey, kale – and luckily for you, we’ve got it!. A simple chicken breast, glazed with honey and herbs, and roasted to perfection. Since this is going on the salad, can be hot or cold.  Cold – simply slice up the chicken and layer it right on top. Alternatively, hot – broil or grill the chicken breast till it’s nice and hot, or just microwave it. Then slice it up.  Whatever you do – get that chicken breast on top, and get after it! Enjoy!

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