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Lamb Kofta + Tabouleh

What can we say, Fam? We’re meatball people here. These Middle Eastern-inspired little ground lamb footballs (yes, that’s a technical cooking term) are packed with bulgur, onion, and a punchy blend of spices and herbs. Sit back and enjoy the texture journey as you put together the perfect bite with each forkful- tender kofta, toothsome bulgur tabouleh, crunchy cuke, and creamy aioli… See you at the bottom of the bowl 😉

Total prep time: 1-2 minutes

What’s in your bag:

  • Lamb kofta, herby bulgur tabouleh & crunchy cukes
  • Harissa aioli

What you’ll need from home:

  • A microwave-safe plate!

How to prep:

  1. Remove the kofta from the container and place on a microwave-safe plate. Toss in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or until warmed to your liking.
  2. Arrange the tabouleh and cukes on the plate with the kofta. (Or add the warmed kofta back to the tray if that’s easier!)
  3. You can use your aioli for dippin’ in, drizzlin’, or dollopin’ on top! You choose 🙂 Enjoy!

That’s it! #Dinnersolved, dinner served. 

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