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Maple Glazed Wings

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Third week in (second for all you Detroiters!), and wings are going strong. We debated with ourselves for a bit on Thursday as to whether we wanted to keep it up with the WECO wings, and I made a strong case for yes. Once we talked about maple glazed wings, everyone was sold. We use this brine a lot for pork, but I’ve never used it for chicken before. Usually, when I brine chicken, it’s a really quick dip in a salty brine, without too many aromatics. Or it’s buttermilk. But not this week! Maple syrup, sage, tons of spices and aromatics, this is our bath for the little wings (Hendrix reference anyone?) this week. After a prolonged dip, they flew out of the brine and into the oven, got all nice and roasty, and then tossed themselves in some VT maple syrup. After a final roast in your broiler, they are ready to be reunited with their soulmate, the honey mustard sauce. This is not your grocery-store Ken’s honey mustard- this is straight up, really good clover honey, really good mustard, and a little hot sauce. *makes kissing hand gesture thing that old school Italian chefs do*

To reheat, broil the wings on a sheet tray lined with foil for 3-5 minutes, turning halfway, until caramelized and hot. Fly on, little wing!


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