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Meatballs + Polenta

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

To our newfound meatball friends, Welcome. To those of you who experienced our meatballs back in January, welcome back. Getting the week off to a good start. I figured it would be juuuuust cold enough for polenta and meatballs today- and hopefully you agree. Grass-fed beef is tricky- it has a tendency to be a bit more funky than grain-fed, and tends to have a more tough and sinewy feel to it. Not tonight. Joyce farms knocks it out of the park with their cows. We are so lucky to be able to use their amazing product. Truly makes us smile. With loads of handmade ricotta, hard spices, and lots of love, these meatballs are a true experience. When simmered in your sauce at home, well, you’ll see. We’ve got creamy stone ground polenta and roasty spring asparagus to back up our spherical star, and a nice cool salad from little leaf farms to wash it all down. Get in there!

For the meatballs:

In a small saucepot, warm your tomato sauce over medium heat until it begins to simmer. Add the meatballs, and turn them to coat evenly with the sauce. If you’re in a rush- you can cut the meatballs in half. This will significantly decrease the reheating time, but they will no longer be meatballs… just… meat… so IDK. how you feel about that. Cover your pan with a tight fitting lid, reduce the heat to low, and proceed to polentatown. Give the balls a stir in the sauce every minute or two, and make sure the sauce isn’t scorching on the bottom of your pot. Stirring is key! Once they are heated through, about 6-8 minutes, and the polenta is ready, you’ll simply scoop these wonderful balls on top of the  polenta, give a chef’s kiss, and dive in.

For the polenta:

For every portion of polenta you ordered, bring 1 ½ T h2o and 1 T butter to a simmer in a small saucepot. Once simmering, add the polenta. Break it up with the back of a spoon, and stir until it’s nice and smooth. Add more water or milk if necessary to thin it out. Over medium low heat, stir until the polenta is hot and bubbly, about 3-5 minutes. Once it’s hot, taste and season to account for the dilution. Will probably need some salt and pepper. Plate up in a shallow bowl, in an even layer, with a divot in the middle for the meatballs to rest in 🙂

For the asparagus:

Broil me baby! The freshness of spring shines through in every bite. To reheat, simply line a sheet tray with aluminum foil, and broil the asparagus on high for 2-3 minutes per side, until roasty toasty. Plate it up next to your polenta and meatballs, or just go at it as a pregame snack. If you know me, I’d already be eating it cold. Cold food = the best food. 

For the salad:

Simple- most of you already know the drill. Toss the leaves in a mixing bowl with the sundried tomato vinaigrette, give a season with some salt and fresh cracked black pepper, and enjoy. Leaves make the perfect dessert for polenta and meatballs, so enjoy these last 🙂

That’s it!

Thanks for ordering 🙂 Dinner is served, and solved. #weareweco

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