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Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

Meatball….. Wednesday! While it doesn’t have the same ring to it as, say, meatball Monday, we’re still in the habit of saying the name of the day of the week with the name of one of the components on the menu… I’ve really gotta stop that. Regardless, and I’m gonna do it again, it’s meatball Wednesday. There’s meatballs, it’s wednesday- that’s just where we are collectively at, together, as humans, floating through time.  Did I mention that it’s wednesday? Oh, and I forgot to tell you- meatballs?!? But wait, there’s more. Because believe it or not, we didn’t just give you a bag filled with meatballs. There’s other things happening today as well. It’s also poached farro + barley with black garlic + harissa wednesday, roasted asparagus with preserved lemon + sumac wednesday, applefield mixed greens with shaved veggies + pomegranate vinaigrette wednesday, and last but not least, cucumber + mint labneh wednesday. Who knew that a single day could hold so much flavor? Until now, nobody. Congratulations on being the pioneers of daily flavor exploration. You’re the first to know, and the last to find out. That doesn’t make any sense. Grass-fed beef. Meatballs. Other delicious things. I’m a meatball. We’re all meatballs. Get in there!

For the meatballs, poached grains, + asparagus:

You know when you say a word enough times that it stops sounding like a word in your head? Well, meatballs. I need to stop. To reheat the meatballs, place them in an oven safe vessel, and pour over the container of tomato sauce. Scoot the balls to the side of the container ( I’d recommend using a pyrex casserole dish or something of the like), and in the remaining space, dump out the poached grains. Spread them out in an even layer, and add a splash of water to the pan. Just enough to generate some steam while baking. Finally, arrange the roasted asparagus on top of the grains, cover with aluminum foil, and bake in the oven at 400F for 8-10 minutes, till everything is nice and toasty. Alternatively, you can just microwave the whole tray- that’s the beauty of pyrex. But I recommend baking. Ultimately, it’s your call. Just get everything nice and hot! 

This is the only heating up part of the dinner tonight. Those three components are all you need to warm in order to fully enjoy your dinner. Moving on to the salad, and plating instructions! Hint- you’ll need a plate.

For the salad:

I really don’t know what’s going on over there at Applefield farms, but they are continuously producing the best salad mixes I have tried to date. Ray and his team are wizards in the fields out there, and we are so blessed to be able to serve these leaves to you every day. With some crunchy shaved veggies and a sweet + tangy pomegranate vinaigrette, this is the perfect salad for tonight’s dinner. Just toss it with some salt + pepper, and drizzle the vinaigrette right on top. Mix it all up, plate it up in a bowl, and boom- you’ve got dessert. That’s right. Salad > dessert.   

To plate it all up!

Ready? Scoop some grain on a plate or shallow bowl, grab some asparagus, pop a couple balls and some sauce on there, and cover everything with the labneh. Heaven. So freaking good. Enjoy, and happy WECO wednesday!

That’s it! Thanks for ordering 🙂

Dinner served, dinner solved.


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