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Miso Honey Pork Tenderloin

Get ready for a flavor explosion folks! Pairing umami queen miso with honey makes this pork tenderloin the perfect salty-sweet dinner journey. We’re also pretty sure that you will never look at sweet potatoes the same once you try them with brown butter + maple syrup— you’re welcome!! We also threw some greens in there because, you know, health. Thankfully serving Brussels sprouts with bacon and caramelized onions makes it SO easy to get your veggies in. Drizzle some scallion salsa verde over everything and DIG IN, Fam! 

P.S. Want to see Chef Matt’s rundown on how to heat up your pork tenderloin? Check out our video here: 🙂

What’s in your bag:

  • Roasted pork tenderloin
  • Miso honey glaze
  • Sweet potato mash with brown butter + maple syrup
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon + caramelized onions
  • Charred scallion salsa verde

What you’ll need from home:

  • Aluminum foil-lined sheet tray 
  • Casserole dish
  • Cutting board, knife and tongs

Total prep time: 20-25 minutes

The Tenderloin

  1. Preheat the oven to 350F. 
  2. Place the pork tenderloin on an aluminum foil-lined sheet tray and spread the miso-honey glaze all over.
  3. Heat until warmed through, about 15-20 minutes. 
  4. Pull it out of the oven and use your tongs to place the pork on the cutting board.
  5. Let it sit for a couple minutes, then use your knife to slice it up into half-inch slices. (Heads up! We brined your tenderloin to keep it SUPER moist, but this also turns the center a little pink. Don’t worry if you notice that coloration after it’s heated through — but feel free to cook longer if you prefer your pork more well done!)

The Sweet Potato Mash + Brussels Sprouts

  1. Arrange the mashers evenly on one side of your casserole dish, and place your Brussels on the other.
  2. Place the dish in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until nice and hot! 

Let’s party! Grab a plate and play with colors, textures and dimensions: Make your creation 3 dimensional if you want by piling the pork high on the mash. Use your salsa verde like paint and add it to anything and everything 🙂

That’s it! #Dinnersolved, dinner served. 

Show us how you WECO!

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