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Mrs. Chips Taco Salad

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Guys- Mrs. Chips is back. She had a nice long vacation, and she came back looking so refreshed and rejuvenated. This week, she wasn’t really feeling up to making tortilla chips for all the tacos- instead, she decided to do a lighter application of her chip finessing skills- the taco salad. No meat- but if you ordered tacos for dinner, the tinga makes an excellent addition. We’ve got all sorts of goodies- plum tomatoes, pinto beans, queso fresco, and some chipotle crema and salsa for all the dressing. Need we say more? So good to have Mrs. Chips back in the kitchen. The amazing part is- somehow, defying all laws of relativity and physics, Mrs. Chips was able to be in three places at once today- and one of those was Detroit. We don’t know how she does it, that little time/space travelling demon, but boy does she sure make a mean salad. For optimal enjoyment of the Mrs. Chips famous taco salad, simply toss everything together in a bowl with the chipotle crema and the roasted tomato salsa, season with some salt, pepper, and hot sauce (Mrs. Chips likes Pickapeppa, but she is a fiery one!), and enjoy!

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