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Mushroom Bolognese

After a long hiatus, it’s back by popular demand. I finally caved and listened to you all- I think Rachel was the driving force though. She usually is. Mushroom bolognese is back. And better than ever. I won’t divulge the processes that we go through in order to craft this luscious sauce, but I will say- I don’t think even the best beef bolognese stands a chance against tonight’s dinner. Mushrooms are amazing- not only are they superfoods, packed with unique nutrients, but they have the most amazing flavor when roasted with aromatics and garlic. It’s almost seductive. No, it is seductive. They should make a roasted mushroom scented candle. Wait a minute, idea- WECO candles… anyone interested?? Hit me with some ideas for scents. LOL. Garlic bread for mopping up the sace, a fresh, hearty salad for your Italian dessert. What a perfect dinner. See for yourself! Get in there. 

For the pasta:

Warm the mushroom bolognese in a large saucepot (big enough to fit all your pasta) over medium heat. Add a splash or two of water to thin it out. Once it’s simmering, drop the pasta in, and stir to combine. The sauce should cling to the pasta and be nice and silky. If it’s too thin, reduce it for a minute or two. If it’s too thick, add a bit more water. Taste for seasoning, and plate it up!

For the mixed greens salad:

In a large mixing bowl, toss together the leaves, shaved veggies, and seeds. Drizzle the lemon dijon vinaigrette around the sides of the bowl, and gently fold the leaves over until they are coated, but not mashed! They are delicate, just like all of us. Treat with care 🙂 Give it a taste for salt and pepper, and adjust accordingly to your preference. 

For the garlic bread:

If this is your first time having Theo’s famous garlic bread, there’s something you must know about me first. I have an addiction to this garlic bread. It’s my vice at WECO, and it takes every ounce of self restraint for me to not put it on the menu every week. Or every day, for that matter. I have to order just the right amount of bread, so that I have an excuse not to eat it. You’ll see. Toast this up in the toaster or oven to make it nice and hot again, and enjoy. I’m already jealous.

If you ordered matzo ball soup:

I’m thinking about scrapping everything that WECO is, and just making soups from now on. I love soup. This one is awesome. Warm it up over medium low heat until simmering, and enjoy 🙂

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