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Mushroom Lo Mein

Reheating Mushroom Lo Mein!

It’s the return of the fan-favorite mushroom noodles. I am not surprised that this one received so many compliments the first time it appeared on a menu- how can you go wrong with roasted mushrooms, caramelized spring onions, sprouts, and chewy-soft egg noodles. You can’t. It’s a no-brainer for me, and in this hot, summer weather, a big bowl of roasted mushrooms + noodles definitely hits the spot. You definitely want to give this a pan fry! We just roasted and sauteed all the veggies, lightly poached the noodles, and mixed everything together with an amazing sauce. We’re counting on you to give them the pan-fry they need, to bring them to life. In a super hot nonstick pan, fry up the noodles with a bit of oil, toss toss toss, and once they’re hot and fragrant, they’re ready to go! Easy. No dressing, no mixing, just a nice big bowl of hot egg noodles. I don’t know how many times I need to say a nice big bowl of hot egg noodles- but I definitely haven’t said it enough. So, heat these up, and get in there. Yum!!

If you got soy braised pork belly:

I don’t blame you. This pork belly, coming right from Joyce Farms, is no joke. A very sweet and aromatic braise turns pork into a thing of beauty, and all you gotta do for these is warm it up. The best way to do that is beneath the broiler, or in a nonstick pan. I would actually recommend giving the pork belly a sear in a nonstick pan before you heat up the noodles, and then using the same pan to fry the noodles out in the pork fat. You can also give the pork belly pieces a quick broil to render and caramelize them slightly. Ultimately, the goal here is for a warm, semi caramelized/seared pork belly to plate up on top of the nice big hot bowl of noodles. Hell, you could even microwave it too. Get it hot, pop it right on top of your noodles, and enjoy! 


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