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Mushroom Noodle Bowls

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Bowls on bowls on bowls. These things are the real deal. Honestly, it’s more about the pickles and the mushrooms for me. Noodles are great- but I think the real power comes from the amazing mix of roasted mushrooms and yuzu pickles. So fresh, but so hearty and filling at the same time. The seaweed and ginger salad also packs quite a punch, and let’s not forget about that miso and thai basil dressing… The whole things is truly spectacular. This bowl is meant to be enjoyed cold. All these flavors and textures, when brought together by the fresh, vibrant dressing, really click. Drizzle the thai basil vinaigrette all over the bowl, cover it in sriracha (option, but encouraged), and dive on in!

Dinner served, dinner solved.


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