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Nicoise Salad

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I feel like sometimes when we design salads, we start in the box- the salad box. Really, the only thing in that box is some sort of leaf- because salad = leaves, right? Usually a dressing finds its way into that mental picture as well. However, depending on how hungry we are, or what we are craving, we can very easily start throwing things in that imaginary box- and sometimes they land and are qualified as salad worthy. Tonight’s salad is mostly an excuse to eat all the things that we threw in the “maybe salad?” box. But i’m not upset. Imported tuna is really good. Not the canned whateverfish that we find in the supermarket. That’s not our style. Really good imported canned fish is awesome. I will thank chef Matt for turning me on to good tinned fish. Nothing quite like it. With the tuna tonight, we have poached potatoes, roasted green beans, cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, and chopped olives, all wrapped up in a luscious shallot and white wine vinaigrette. Oh yeah, and some leaves in there for salad qualifying purposes. It’s a whole dinner. To prepare, drizzle the dressing over the top of the salad, and start chowing down. Maybe some salt, maybe some pepper- but be careful, as things are seasoned pretty heavily on here, so you may not need any! Use your good judgment, and enjoy 🙂


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