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Orange Chicken

Thanks for ordering!

For those of you who are long time orderers, you will know this already- but for anyone new, (welcome!), here’s the scoop: a lot of the time, menu design is simply a calculated assessment of what we think you will want to eat this week, blended with what we feel like cooking. We put things on the menu that everyone knows and loves, but we always put our own little twist on things. Tonight’s dinner may resemble menu offerings from your local Chinese restaurant, but they are each unique in their own way. You can’t compete with bonafide Chinese takeout… so I don’t try… but the flavors here are an homage to some of my favorite menu items available from my local haunt in Belmont, just prepared “WECO style”. With an open mind ( and an empty stomach), get in there!

For the chicken:
Warm a large saucepan over medium high heat. Once it’s nice and hot, toss the chicken in there, and give it a toss or two to help heat it up. The chicken should fry a bit to get some color, and the sauce will caramelize and cook down to coat everything nicely. Once it’s hot, transfer the chicken to a serving vessel, rinse out your pan, and put it back on the heat for the snow peas!

For the snow peas:
You can either heat these up at the same time as the chicken (that’s what I’d do, but I mix everything together anyway), or give them a quick saute when the chicken comes out. Just get the pan nice and hot again, and toss in the peas. Let them fry till they’re hot!

For the eggplant:
I personally enjoy eating the eggplant cold/room temp, but you can absolutely heat it up in a pan like the chicken and peas. 

For the rice:
Pop it in the microwave for a minute or two, or toss it in the pan! 

Make a bowl!
Start with rice, peas, eggplant, and finally chicken. Yum!

If you ordered a shrimp salad:
Very easy prep for you. Simply drizzle the cilantro lime dressing on top, mix it up a bit, and get in there 🙂

Dinner is served, and solved.

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