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Panzanella Salad

Talk about an end-of-summer salad. It starts with having a good base of roasted veggies – that provides all the concentrated juicy flavor for the bread. Then, you need some brightness – tonight, it’s marinated sundried tomatoes. Next, some crunchy leaves. We have gem lettuce from Applefield in your bowls tonight, and we’ve left it nice and big so that you can crunch it up yourselves. Interaction is important. Don’t forget about the bread. Crunchy, roasty, and perfectly garlic-butter-y. Panzanella needs crunchy bread to turn soggy as it absorbs all the moisture and juices from the salad. That’s the best part. Arguably the most important part, pesto.  Basil pesto. A dollop right on top of everything. Along with the veggies, it acts as a dressing to the rest of the salad, coating everything in basil-y goodness. I’m drooling. Let’s get this over with. 

To prepare, simply toss all the ingredients in the bowl with the croutons (in a separate container).  Then add a dollop of pesto all over everything. Give it a few cracks of black pepper and mix it all up again. There’s no rules. It’s kind of a big mess, this salad, but it’s the kind of mess that you wanna live in. Enjoy! 


If you got burrata + prosciutto:

This is heavenly.  Especially paired up with the panzanella!  We had to do it – felt like it wasn’t a choice.  Creamy, locally made burrata paired with the salty indulgence of the prosciutto and all of it on top of that amazing salad.  You get it. You may have a serious issue here – too delicious. Overwhelming flavor. It’s the real deal. Don’t reheat the burrata + prosciutto, just pop them right on top and dive in!  Be sure to save a little burrata for your toast in the morning.  Not kidding. Do it!

So good! So easy! Thanks for ordering.


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