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Papaya + Mizuna Salad

Papaya + mizuna salad!

It’s official! It’s hot outside! It’s happening! What does that mean? Well, you tell me. The changing of the seasons, especially in New England, brings so many unique feelings and emotions- especially for those of us who have lived here most of their lives. When the switch is flipped, it’s flipped. For me, the heat is a blessing and a curse. I’ll always take cold weather over hot. I feel like it’s easier for our bodies to warm themselves than to cool down. I’m a grumpy person when it’s hot, cause I’m like sweaty, and sticky, and have to rely on air conditioning to sleep at night. So, as usual, I’ll turn to food to help with the cooling process- eating lots of raw stuff- crunchy, cool veggies, salads, cold food. Also, lots of spicy stuff. Eating spicy food definitely makes the what a bit more bearable. I don’t know why, but it totally does. There’s definitely some sort of scientific explanation on that, so I’ll get back to you… Tonight’s papaya + mizuna salad is the perfect salad for a super hot day. I would definitely have made it way spicier if it were just for me, but I think the level of heat we put in there is sufficient. Grated green papaya, salted cabbage, and tons of spicy mizuna from Applefield farms. A cool, citrusy dressing, some roasted peanuts, it’s the perfect no-cook dinner for an exceptionally hot day. Just toss everything in a bowl, season with salt, dress it up, and scatter the peanuts on top. Easy. Keep cool out there friends! 


If you got sweet chili shrimp!

Excellent move, first of all. This bowl was crying out for some sweet chili shrimp to be scattered on top. I’m going to suggest not reheating the shrimp, because I think the texture and delicate flavors of the shrimp and the thai basil in the chili sauce are wonderful when eaten cold, and will go great with the rest of the cool, crisp salad. However, if you’d like to heat them up, just scatter them on top before you microwave, or if you’re pan frying, toss them in the pan at the end of the cooking time to warm them through. The dressing goes real nice with the shrimp too. It’s all good stuff. 



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