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Perfect Thyming Cocktail

Perfect Thyming

Perfect Thyming for a drink when you’ve got no time! Maybe you’re like us and 2022 has already hit the ground running. And it’s running pretty fast. Perfect Thyming is a way to hit the brakes at the end of the day with a fruity distraction. Cocktail or mocktail, you call the (vodka) shots! 

Total prep time: 5 minutes

What’s in your bag:

  • A lemon, thyme, peach, and Morello cherry TREAT


What you’ll need from home:

  • A cup and some ice!
  • Maybe some ginger ale? Maybe some champagne?

How to prep:

Shake the mixture well (make sure the lid is on all the way!).

Two options:


  • Mocktail:  Pour 4 oz over ice with 4 oz of ginger ale and give it a gentle stir.  Don’t want to chase those bubbles away!
  • Cocktail: Pour 4 oz over ice and add a shot of vodka, white rum, or spiced rum. Top with a splash of ginger ale, or if you’re feeling crazy, champagne.  Give it a gentle stir to keep ‘dem bubbles alive!  

Get to sippin’!

And that’s it! DRINKS solved, drinks served 🙂 #weareWECO 

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