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Picnic Dinner

Reheating time: 5-10 minutes

What a day for a picnic! I don’t know what it is about tonight’s dinner, but it’s the kind of dinner that you just want to take outside. Know what I mean? I don’t really know either. To be quite honest, I’ve never felt that impulse. But I sure do today! Roasted chicken salad, with a tangy lemon aioli, lots of fresh herbs, and shaved celery + fennel. Cool, crunchy, delicious on its own, but pressed between some pesto-smothered focaccia, now that’s a sandwich. This time of year is made for refreshing bites, and what’s more refreshing than a cool cherry tomato and a cute little mozz ball. Nothing, that’s what. Explosions of flavor! Looking for some more spring veggies in your life? Look in the farro tabbouleh- our take on the cucumber and grain salad tonight has freshness and flavor, provided by a tangy mint vinaigrette and a smattering of one of our favorite things to make an appearance this year- the Applefield Farms “spicy mix”. A blend of baby kale, baby mustard greens, other hearty baby leaves, and arugula- peppery, fresh, and perfect when wilted. Picnic dinner. It’s happening. Get in there!

For the chicken salad sandwiches:

The other cool thing about tonight’s dinner is that you don’t even have to hear any of it up. I would suggest toasting the focaccia, but you don’t even have to do that. If you’re being obedient, slice the focaccia in half, splitting the top and bottom pieces. Toast it up! In the toaster oven or under the broiler. Once it’s crusty, spread a bit of pesto on there, and load it up with chicken salad. It’s gonna be a messy sandwich, but isn’t that kind of the fun of it all? Grab some of those toothpicks with the little colored plastic film on the ends, jam them in there, and pop the whole thing on a paper plate that is guaranteed to not support the weight of the sandwich- so that when you pick the whole thing up with one hand while trying to simultaneously carry your drink, your dog, your child, and everything else you’re bringing to your picnic, your entire life will flash before your eyes as the plate buckles and your sandwich slides dangerously to the edge of oblivion. Adjust your grip, sigh in relief, and find a nice spot to sit. 

For the caprese salad:

This one’s real easy. Just eat it. Mix it all up to re-coat and redistribute all the goodness. And enjoy the marinated mozz balls and plump cherry tomatoes. If you’ve got any room in your sandwich, definitely jam some tomatoes and mozzarella in there. Not a bad idea at all. 

For the farro tabbouleh:

Once again, this one’s ready to go. No action required to enjoy the flavors of farro and… everything else in there. Just mix everything up, and pile it onto your already sandwich-laiden plate. That’s it. That’s all i got for you guys today. Enjoy the picnic, wish I could be there with ya! Going to go try to find some extra focaccia and make myself a sandwich… wish me luck… 

As always, thanks for ordering 🙂

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