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Quinoa Salad

Reheating Quinoa Salad!

This salad made a huge splash last time we ran it back in June, and for that reason, it was time for it to make a comeback. It’s basically summer in a bowl- fresh greens, shaved veggies, crunchy seeds, lots of sorrel, and a blistered cherry tomato vinaigrette. Definitely makes us super happy. I really don’t have too much more to say about it, though. It’s best if you discover for yourself why we love it so. For me, I think it’s the combo of the nutty quinoa, sweet pomegranate seeds, and the red sorrel. I often find that things of the same color are complimentary in flavor. It’s nature’s little cheat code system. If it has a similar hue, it might be good together. Makes me want to do a menu that is just color coded. Like monday is all blue things. Which would be hard. Not a lot of blue foods besides blueberries. So maybe we will just have a blueberry tasting menu. I don’t know. Anyway, enjoy your salad 🙂

Note: due to some bad weather, we were unable to source greens from Applefield farms for this salad. Not to worry, we still got the freshest and tastiest greens in for this salad- just wanted to let you all know!


To prepare, simple toss everything in a bowl, and dress with the blistered cherry tomato vinaigrette. Give a season with some salt and pepper, mix it all up, and dive on into springy summery goodness.


If you got a citrus rubbed salmon filet:

Yum! When is salmon on a salad ever a bad idea? Well, if it was a fruit salad. That would be pretty weird. I love tropical applications of fish, but I don’t think citrus rubbed salmon would be good with bananas. Maybe! Try it, if you dare, and let me know. Side note: I once actually used a sweet plantain aioli on a softshell crab tempura dish, and it was very very good. So you never know!

To reheat the salmon, you could either just not reheat it, or broil it. To broil, lay out the piece of fish on a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil. Broil on low for 3-4 minutes on each side, and once it’s hot, it’s ready to go! Plate it up on top of your majestic salad, and enjoy!


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