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Radish Bowls

Reheating Radish Bowls!

Sometimes, things just fall into place. We’ve been wanting to do a bowl like this one for a while now, and we had just the push we needed when one of our farmers came to us and said please, please, please, do something with these big-ass radishes. Sometimes, radishes take off. They get huge really fast, and it can happen seemingly overnight. Big radishes crack when they grow too fast, and are unsuitable for selling in bunches for salads or other radishy uses. But that’s totally fine with us, because a radish does not have to be thinly shaved and eaten raw. No, in fact, the roasted radish is somewhat of an understated treat. Especially when you toss them with miso honey butter and roast them low and slow in a hot oven. Caramelized, tender, and super flavorful, the radishes are the star orf the show. But every star needs a good supporting cast- and for that, we have the other components to thank. Sesame and scallion studded brown rice, salted pear and daikon radish slaw with some big leafy arugula mixed in, straight up kimchi (kimchi and roasted radish is a revelation… see for yourself), and a curried egg + tamari gribiche. The gribiche is different- but there’s something about eggs and radishes that works really well. Can’t wait to hear what you think! To reheat, if you ask me, don’t. All these things are best cold. The freshness and textures just aren’t as good if you heat them up, so if you’re down, just dive right in. If you demand hot food, just pull off the kimchi and slaw, and microwave for about 2-3 minutes till hot. Mix everything together with the gribiche, liberally apply some hot sauce, and enjoy the bounty of spring!

If you got pork belly:

To reheat, slice the cold pork belly into ½” pieces, against the grain of the meat. Arrange them on a sheet tray, shingling the slices, and pop them under the broiler on low heat. Broil, on low, for 4-6 minutes, till the slices are beginning to sizzle and pop. Next, remove the tray, and spoon some of the cranberry glaze on top. Set the broiler to high, and broil the pork with the glaze until it’s caramelized and fragrant. If you’re feeling fancy, give it another round of glaze. Never a bad idea! Once it’s hot, glazed, and caramelized, it’s ready to go. Be careful, sugars get extremely hot- so make sure to use some tongs or a spatula to plate up the pork!

That’s it!

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend 🙂

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