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Airline Chicken Breast

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I don’t know where I first heard the expression K.I.S.S., but it has cemented itself in my brain as a good rule to follow when feeling overwhelmed or stressed out- keep it simple, stupid. Writing menus is stressful! There’s always some kind of time crunch, and the pressure to come up with interesting, intricate, and diverse offerings every week can wear us all out. It’s days like today that make us thankful for the simplicity and deliciousness of pure preparation. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, braised greens, and mushrooms. Simple, perfect, and tasty. Can’t go wrong! Good quality ingredients sourced from local purveyors and farms, with preparation that isn’t clouded by fancy technique and ingredients. That’s what tonight’s dinner is all about, so I’ll let the ingredients speak for themselves here. Get in there. 

For the roasted chicken:

The “airline” or Frenched breast is definitely the best way to eat a chicken breast, as it still has a little bit of that shoulder “knuckle” in there. Believe it or not, this extra little bit of bone prevents the chicken from overcooking, and keeps it nice and juicy while roasting. To reheat, set your oven to low broil, and lay out the chicken breasts on a sheet tray lined with foil. Broil, for 2-5 minutes, until the skin gets nice and crispy. Let it rest, slice it up, and enjoy!

For the mashed potatoes:

My recommendation is to pop these in the oven with the chicken, folding the bacon into the potatoes, and broiling on top to get some nice color. Stir halfway for even more caramelly action.

For the braised greens:

The greens are best warmed in a saute pan over medium high heat. Give them a toss so they get evenly warmed!

For the mushrooms:

These mushrooms are little pieces of heaven. We started with about 400# of mushrooms today, and by the time they were done roasting, we had about 80# left. It’s crazy how much they cook down! All that flavor concentrates into one little bite of pure perfection. To reheat, broil with the chicken and potatoes for some color, stirring halfway.


Dinner is served, and solved.


Airline Chicken Breast

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