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Beef Barbacoa Burritos

Thanks for ordering!
Burrito day is a good day. We have such a good time making burrito kits for you. It’s a very busy day for us, but there’s little things that get us through… For instance, Theo didn’t come to work today. Instead, someone who looks and sounds exactly like Theo came in. They walked in the door, and began making the WECO chips. We were all very confused, so we inquired who this stranger was. The stranger stopped cutting tortillas, looked up, and said, “I’m Mrs. Chips”. For the past six hours, Mrs. Chips has been frying up the most delicious tortilla chips that anyone has ever tried. While we miss Theo a lot, Mrs. Chips has been a pleasure to work with, and like I said, she’s a spitting image of Theo… very strange, but we won’t ask any questions. We are all just hoping that Mrs. Chips comes back next time we put chips on the menu. It’s a shame that Theo isn’t here to meet her, I think they would really get along… Get in there…

For the burrito fillings:

My best suggestion would be to warm all the components together in the oven. Turn your oven to 400F, put the rice, beans and beef on a tray/casserole dish, and pop them in there until they get nice and hot. Alternatively, you could warm them all separately, in pans on the stove or in the oven on different trays. Up to you, but get ‘em hot!

For the tortillas:
There’s a few schools of thought on the best way to warm a flour tortilla. I personally like to char mine, but that makes them more brittle and prone to rip when rolling. I have heard of warming them in a nonstick or cast iron pan, in the oven, or even (gasp) the microwave, so take your pick! Either way, warming the tortillas will make them easier to fold, and will cause less stress when rolling 🙂

Assembling your burritos:
Like tacos, there’s no rules. As long as you roll it between a tortilla, it’s a burrito. I’d recommend starting with beef, rice, and beans, and then adding cheese, crema, some salsa, and rolling it up. But get creative! Someone last time put chips in their burrito and said it was awesome, so I’m definitely gonna try that one. Let us know what crazy creations you come up with 🙂

Dinner is served, and solved.


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