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Beef Bourguignon

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Ok. So tonight is probably the best yet. At least in my opinion. As I type this, my tummy is rumbling due to the amazing aromas floating around the kitchen… Smells so freaking good! The secret weapon tonight is the carrots. Wait till you try them. I can’t even describe how delicious they are. Leave it to chef Ambo to make something so inherently delicious (Applefield’s carrots) taste even better. While we are praising our wonderful team, shout out to chef Matt for making some of the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted. You’ll see what I’m talking about…! I really hope we have some leftovers for the team once we are done packing… Tasting everything while we’re cooking isn’t enough! Anyway, enough of me. Get in there!

For the beef:

Simple. Just empty the contents of your container into a saucepot, set it over medium low heat, and stir to prevent sticking!

For the mashed potatoes:

I love baked mashed potatoes, so I would recommend warming these in a casserole dish or on a sheet tray in the oven, at 400F. If you’re feeling crazy, broil them for a minute or two to get some caramelization!

For the broccoli:

Funny story… I used all the rosemary and thyme in the beef bourguignon before Theo could get any to make rosemary-thyme oil, so the broccoli was just roasted in olive oil. But it doesn’t matter, wait till you try the smoked almond romesco. You’ll forget all about the herb oil! Warm the broccoli in the oven with the mashed potatoes, and don’t forget to slather it with romesco when it comes out!

For the carrots:

If you can manage to not eat all of these while you’re waiting for the oven to preheat, I am proud of you. It’s not going to be easy. Warm the carrots in the oven with the broccoli and potatoes.


That’s it!

Make yourself a nice plate, and enjoy!


Dinner served. Dinner solved.


Beef Bourguignon

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