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Beef Stroganoff

Thanks for ordering!
Hoooooooly balloons! Tonight is so delicious. So freaking good. How can you beat braised grass-fed beef, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and a creamy gravy? I’ll leave that question for you to answer after you have eaten tonight’s dinner. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer… You can’t. What else? Perfect fingerling potatoes, coated in herbaceous butter… roasted squash and apples with broccolini tossed in brown butter and hard spices… oh yeah, egg noodles… I’m drooling. This dinner will warm your soul. Figures that it’s nice and hot outside… The weather never cooperates.
Get in there!

For the beef:

Warm the beef in a saucepot with a splash or two of water to thin it out a bit. It’s thick! Heat over low, until warm. Stir so it doesn’t scorch! For the egg noodles:
If I were you, I’d just put the egg noodles in the stroganoff once it’s nice and toasty, and break them up a bit. I like the pieces of egg noodle mixed in with everything, but if you’d like them on the side, warm a splash or two of water in a saute pan, add the noodles, and give them a few tosses until they are nice and hot.

For the squash:
Ray nailed it with the squash mix this week. We have sugar pumpkins, butternuts, candy roasters, kabocha, acorns, winter sweets… just to name a few. He also brought us some delicious apples! Warm these in the oven at 400F until they are nice and warm. Pro tip: there’s no reason to wait for the oven to preheat before you pop something in there. It’s just going to warm at the same rate as the oven!

For the potatoes:
These guys are best if broiled in the oven on high, turning halfway, but you can also throw them in with the squash (even on the same tray if you’re feeling crazy…!).
That’s it!

Quick reminder that we will be sending out the new menu for next week this evening, as Rachel and I are getting married on Saturday, and we don’t really want to fill orders on our wedding day 🙂
Thanks again!

Dinner is served, and solved.


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