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Breakfast for Dinner

Thanks for ordering!

I have a couple theories as to why we are all so excited about tonight’s dinner… or breakfast… First, I think we never get to cook breakfast around here, so the idea of sweet and savory combinations are very attractive to us. Second, we never get to EAT breakfast, so we all crave this type of food. Third, well, breakfast for dinner is just fun. Tonight’s dinner (or should I call it breakfast!!??) is not only fun, but it’s delicious. Chef Ambo knocked it out of the park with the sausage gravy and biscuits… you’ll see. French toast and berry compote, homefries, fresh yogurt from Brookford farm, and apples from Carver Hill Orchards round out the meal. I know it’s dark and snowy outside, but breakfast is ready! Get in there.

For the sausage gravy and biscuits:

Warm the gravy in a saucepot over medium heat, stirring to prevent sticking. The biscuits can be warmed in the oven, at 375F until nice and hot. I recommend breaking the biscuits in half, drizzling some gravy on top, and making a nice biscuit sandwich.Fry up an egg or two!

For the homefries:

Warm these in the oven with the biscuits, and use them as a vessel for the sausage gravy that escapes your sandwich.

For the french toast and berry compote:

The french toast kind of collapsed in on itself after being baked, but I’m hoping that a little heat and compote will bring it right back to life. Warm this in the oven for 2-4 minutes until nice and toasty, and pour the maple berry compote on top.

For the apple parfait:

The idea with this is that you can dump it right out into a bowl, scoop the yogurt off the bottom of the container, and mix everything together! This yogurt is some of the best we’ve tried, and it’s produced from grass-fed cows at Brookford farm in Canterbury NH. Those guys are geniuses when it comes to dairy and cheese, so keep your eyes peeled for more offerings from them this winter!


That’s it!

Thanks again!

Breakfast is served, and solved 🙂


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