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Choucroute Garnie

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I’m proud of you all. What the heck is “choucroute garnie”? And why should I order it!? Well, all the components sound great, so I guess I’ll give it a shot. I’m sure a lot of you were probably thinking this, or maybe you know exactly what this dish is. Either way, here’s my story about choucroute. This is a traditional Alsatian dish, usually revolving around sauerkraut and cabbage, potatoes, and sausage or other salted meats. Tonight, we put our usual WECO twist on it by including roasted root veggies from Applefield and Sweet Autumn farms. They also brought us all the cabbage, onions, and potatoes for this hearty winter feast, which is pretty cool. Good ingredients and great preparation go a long way here. 

Get in there!

For the sausages and cabbage:

These are traditional bratwurst sausages that we braised in beer and then roasted to get some color. The cabbage has been braised with bacon, white wine, and bay leaves, and mixed with the kraut. To reheat, spread the cabbage and sausages out on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil, and broil for a few minutes until everything is nice and hot.

For the turnips and radishes:

I love root veggies (as you may know). These ones were roasted in a hot oven, and tossed with a black pepper honey glaze. Not super traditional for choucroute, but definitely super delicious. Warm these under the broiler with the sausages and cabbage!

For the potato salad:

This potato salad is my favorite snack. It’s so freaking good. I like to enjoy this cold/room temp, so no need to warm it up (unless you really want to, I’m not gonna tell you what to do. You’re the boss). 

Making a plate:

Here’s the fun part. Start with the potato salad, then pile some root veggies on there. Scoop up the cabbage and sausages, and place them right in the middle of the plate. Any liquid left behind can be drizzled right on top. Finally, le piece de resistance, he roasted apple mustard. We made this by marinating and roasting Carver Hill Orchards apples and mixing them with cider vinegar and mustard. It’s delish. Put that sh*t on everything!

Dinner served, dinner solved.


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