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Shrimp and Basil Fried Rice

Thanks for ordering!

Tonight’s dinner is AWESOME. We were so happy with how everything came out. Perfectly crispy and chewy fried rice, subtly spicy potatoes, crunchy bok choy, and that slaw… Oh my, you’re in for a treat. Unfortunately, we did not receive peppers with our delivery from the farm today (I think something happened with the storm this morning… hope they are okay!), but the rice is still perfect without them. The shrimp are to die for (per usual), and we honestly think we like them better as a side than included in the rice! It’s up to you on how to plate everything up, but here are some quick instructions. GET IN THERE!

For the fried rice:

Heat a large nonstick or cast iron pan over high heat. Once the pan is nice and hot, add just a few drops of neutral oil, and let the oil evenly coat the pan (barely any oil! Don’t want it too greasy). Once the pan begins to smoke, empty the contents of your fried rice into the pan Give it a stir, and then let it sit! The rice cools down the temperature of the pan significantly, so it’s important to let the pan heat back up again before you mix it around. Once the pan is nice and hot again, add the sweet chili shrimp, and give the pan a few tosses. Scrape any stuck bits off the bottom with a wooden spoon, and remove from the heat.

For the bok choy and potatoes:

These guys like to be BROILED. With the broiler set to high, lay out the bok choy and potatoes on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil. Just heat them until they begin to get some color on top, and are nice and hot!

For the turnip and radish slaw:

Ray makes magic with his root veggies. The kohlrabi (white-ish pieces with green tips) are my favorite. They kind of taste like a cross between a radish and an apple, and in the cider ponzu, they are delicious! This slaw is ready to eat. I recommend it on top of the rice, as a nice temperature/texture contrast element!


That’s it! Make yourself a nice plate, and enjoy 🙂

Dinner served. Dinner solved.


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