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Grain Bowls

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Menu design is an interesting part of our jobs here at WECO. Every week, we go into Thursday pretty stumped, and try to think of something fresh and creative to serve you all next week. Last week, we asked ourselves not only what we wanted to cook, but what you all wanted to eat! We had a really great suggestion from one of our long time orderers, and she requested a grain bowl! And so, we oblige tonight with a lovely medley of braised chicken thighs, sweet onions, roasted mushrooms, Applefield farm greens, and mixed whole grains, with cranberries, sunflower seeds, and goat cheese to garnish. All together, this is a heart healthy grain bowl that is delicious, and nutritious. While you always can feel great about what you get from WECO, tonight is a night when you can feel “extra” great. Or maybe graint. New word: graint. Get in there 🙂


For the chicken, mushrooms, and greens:

Best way to proceed here is to pop all these components on a tray, spread them out evenly, and broil them on low for a few minutes to get some nice color and texture. Once they are nice and toasty, you can set them aside and commence construction of your grain bowls!


For grain bowl assembly:

Ok- often times when I write these reheating instructions, I feel like I’m telling you what to do- and I don’t really like telling people what to do (unless they’re in my kitchen). But, tonight you’re in your kitchen, and I’m kinda like the ghost of Ben Kenobi, and you’re all kinda like Luke Skywalker… Use the force, Luke… Feel the grain bowl energy… 

Start with the grains. I personally like these at room temp, cause of the herbs and vinegar/lemon juice they are dressed in, but you can heat them up too. You’re in charge…

Add some chicken, mushrooms, and braised greens. I like little pretty piles cause they are nice and photogenic for instagram, and fun to eat. 

Finally, let the force guide you as you sprinkle sunflower seeds, cranberries, and goat cheese all over everything! Step back, take a good look at your beautiful dinner, and may the grain force be with you 🙂

Dinner served , dinner solved.


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