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Harissa Chicken Breast

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For whatever reason, the weather has decided not to line up with our menu choices. Last week was FRIGID, and on Thursday night when I wrote the menu, I was huddled in my 45 degree living room thinking about how nice it would be to eat tonight’s dinner. However, today it’s 70 and humid, but who cares. Everything came out delicious. Use tonight’s dinner as a memory to hold onto when it’s snowing in a few weeks, and maybe if you all like it, we’ll bring it back 🙂 You’ll see what I’m talking about! Get in there.

For the chicken:

Chicken breasts are tricky. They need to be cooked just right in order to stay juicy, but they also need to have that crispy skin! We nailed both tonight. To bring this chicken to life, simply broil it on low for 2-3 minutes, so the skin gets nice and crispy and the meat warms through. Slice it up, and hit the plate!

For the chickpeas:

We love chickpeas around here. These ones were slowly braised in the oven with fresh tomatoes, saffron, white wine, and chicken stock. We blended some into a sauce with the braising liquid, and finished cooking the rest in that sauce. To reheat, simply toss the chickpeas into a saucepot, add a splash of water, and warm over medium heat until you’re satisfied. Don’t forget to stir 🙂

For the orzo:

Arguably the best tiny pasta (close tie with fregola for us), this orzo has been slowly cooked like a risotto and finished with lots of our favorite curry spices. Warm this in the same fashion as the chickpeas, using a little water to thin it out.

Hit the plate!

Now that everything is nice and toasty, it’s time to compose a plate. We like to start first with the orzo, and make a nice bed for everything. Scoop some chickpeas on there, scatter your chicken pieces around, and put a few dollops of babaganoush on top! Don’t forget to toast up your pita bread and stuff everything inside there. It’s the perfect vessel 🙂

That’s it!

Dinner is served, and solved 🙂


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