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Heritage Pork Loin

Happy Monday! Coming in hot off wedding weekend!! Tonight’s Weco dinner is Heritage Pork Loin with a honey mustard glaze and some delicious sides!


Preheat the oven to 400F.  Lay out the pork, on a sheet pan and slide it in the oven. We roasted and glazed the pork with honey mustard before we portioned it, so this will only take a few minutes to reheat.


Set the potatoes up in a baking dish, and also place in the oven. They are coated in duck fat, and super delicious sweet onions, so a pan with sides would be best, to let the fat drip off.


Our suggestion is to put the broccolini in the same pan as the potatoes.  They will take about the same amount of time, and who doesn’t like vegetables cooked in duck fat!

Apple Sauce

The apple sauce is made from late season local cortland apples that were stewed with brown sugar and pumpkin spice. Serve it on the side of the dish, or dump it onto the pork… your call.

Dinner served. Dinner solved. 


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