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Pumpkin Risotto

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Who doesn’t love the smell of pumpkins roasting in the oven. Sage, caramelized onions, and lemon thyme were the accompanying aromas in our kitchen today, and let me tell you It smelled gooooooood. Eventually, the lovely smell of charred shishito peppers and broccoli overtook us, and it was very hard to keep our mind on the cooking. Applefield’s latest harvest is the star of the show tonight, and our talent is simply the supporting cast. It’s hard to make these veggies any tastier than they inherently are. See for yourself! Here’s how-

For the risotto:

Incredibly tricky and time consuming, risotto is great comfort food when you’re eating it, but not when you’re cooking it. We made it easy for you tonight. All you need to do is toss the risotto in a pan, add a splash of warm water, and stir until it’s nice and hot! We like the seeds mixed in, they provide a nice textural surprise 🙂

For the broccolini:

Warm the broccolini under the broiler on high until it is nice and hot. Transfer it to your preferred serving dish, and generously cover it with the smoked almond romesco. Dig in.

For the shishitos:

Warm these with the broccoli rabe under the broiler. While they have already been dressed and seasoned, a little romesco won’t hurt…!

For the mixed greens salad:

These are some of our favorite greens. They are spicy and fresh, and take dressing very well. Toss them in a bowl, season lightly with salt and pepper, and pour the honey mustard dressing around the sides of the bowl. Gently mix the leaves around the bowl, carefully to prevent crushing them.

To plate:

Normally, we don’t tell you how to plate your food, but in this case we recommend plating the shishito peppers on top of the risotto, with the broccolini and salad on the side. The acidity and sweet heat of the shishitos goes very well with the risotto, so you gotta try that combo.

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Dinner served. Dinner Solved.

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