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Saag Paneer

Thanks for ordering!

As you all know, writing a menu is no easy task. Each week, we have a little pow wow to discuss what we want to cook, based on what’s available (and of course, what we think you’ll want to eat!). It’s a lengthy discussion, with each team member contributing ideas and giving feedback. Sometimes we unanimously agree, sometimes we don’t! Tonight’s dinner is one that had everyone excited. The paneer cheese, braised with squashes from Applefield and baby spinach, is the star of the show for sure. That was Theo’s idea. Mastermind. Curried lentils are the vessel for an amazing yogurt sauce made by Chef Ambo, with yogurt from Brookford Farm in NH. A wild rice and grain salad rounds everything out, and garlic naan is there for any leftover sauce. Get in there!

For the saag paneer:

Warm the saag paneer in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring to prevent sticking. 

For the lentils:

Follow the same instructions as the saag paneer for warming the lentils. If you want them super creamy, add in the yogurt sauce when they are hot, or enjoy it on the side. Up to you!

For the wild ride and grains:

We recommend enjoying this grain salad as a cold or room temperature component, as it has a lot of lemon juice and fresh herbs inside.

For the naan:

Toast up the naan in the toaster or conventional oven until golden brown and crispy. Once it’s hot, spread a bit of garlic herb butter on there!

To make a plate:

Seems like superfluous instructions here, but I have some space left- so here goes. Start with the lentils and the wild rice salad, and create a nice bed for the saag paneer. Scoop some of that tasty braised cheese and spinach over the lentils and rice, top with some paprika yogurt sauce, and jam a piece of naan in there to soak up any extra sauce 🙂


That’s it!

Thanks again!

Dinner is served, and solved.


Saag Paneer

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