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Pasta Carbonara

Happy Friday! It’s carbonara night….well sort of!! We realize that this isn’t the traditional way to prepare it, but we rarely follow the rules here.

For the pasta…

Heat up the carbonara mix in a sauce pot on medium heat.  The sauce is a parmesan cream, with pancetta, ham, onions, peas, and LOTS of black pepper.  Warm slowly and stir, so nothing sticks to the bottom.  Once it is simmering, fold in the pasta, mint, and parsley.  Once it’s hot, pour into your bowls.  To finish the dish, we sent home a super cool new mini micro plane for your kitchen collection. (Be sure to save it for our future crazy ideas). Take the big chunk of pecorino Romano and grate a pile over the pasta. Carbonara is usually made with a sauce that is mostly egg yolks and pasta water. This obviously would not travel well, so instead we cured yolks ourselves and sent them your way.  Grate a small amount over the pasta to finish. Enjoy!

For the salad…

Applefield Farm’s delicious greens are tossed with castelvetrano olives and fennel. All you have to do is mix in the vinaigrette and voila! 

For Chef Theo’s Famous Garlic Bread…

You know the drill! Toast lightly to reheat it. And let Theo know how good it is the next time you see him!!


Dinner Served. Dinner Solved.


Don’t Forget! Confirmation emails will be fulfilled by Sunday this weekend instead of Saturday. We will be busy getting married on Saturday! 
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