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Stuffed Bell Peppers

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We have discovered that we love stuffing vegetables. Taking something inherently delicious and filling it with a mixture of other delicious things produces, well, an even more delicious thing. Tonight’s stuffed peppers validate that statement. What else? The tomato salad, made from the last remaining tomatoes on the vines at applefield, sings sad songs of the passing of summer into fall. These songs make us happy though. Rice pilaf turned out more like orzo with a little bit of rice, because I apparently can’t do math and my ratios were all off. It is, however, fantastic and you’re gonna love it. The sumac yogurt brings everything together. What are you waiting for? Get in there. 

For the peppers:

These peppers can be warmed in the oven at 400F until heated through, or in the microwave for a minute or two. I had some leftover chickpeas and stuffing, so I baked it in the oven for a little added texture to your meal. And yes, that’s how the chickpeas are supposed to be cooked. No, they are not raw, I assure you they have been soaked overnight and cooked for almost three hours. Yes, I understand that they are different than the canned chickpeas that you may be used to, but in my opinion, they are better! Cast aside your predispositions on chickpeas, and welcome these flavorful, crunchy legumes into your life 🙂

(they are especially delicious with some of the sumac yogurt mixed in)

For the orzo:

I’ll recommend simply microwaving the orzo, but I don’t have a microwave at home, so I would probably warm it in a saucepot with a splash of water over low heat. But you do you!

For the tomato salad:

This beautiful container of goodness is ready to go. It’s salty, sweet, and has just the right amount of acidity from the dressing and the onions. Ray’s herbs and tomatoes are the star of the show here!


That’s it!

Make yourself a nice plate, and enjoy.


Dinner served. Dinner solved.


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