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Tacos Shrimp Al Pastor

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Taco Tuesday is a long-standing tradition at WECO (with the exception of last week’s burrito tuesday), and it’s definitely one of our favorite days of the week for sure. Tonight we have lovely citrus nd adobo marinated shrimp with fresh pineapple, a jicama and chayote (kind of like a squash mixed with a pear) slaw, roasted potatoes, and street corn! This corn was the last harvest that we are going to see form local corn, and it’s perfect! Starchy and sweet, it’s the best vessel for charred pepper aioli and cheese. Get in there!

For the shrimp:

Warm the shrimp in a saute pan over medium high heat, giving it a toss or two to coat everything in the adobo sauce. Transfer to a serving dish.

For the corn:

Turn your oven on high broil. Line the pieces of corn up on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil, and broil for two-ish minutes, or until the corn begins to pop and steam. Once it’s hot, remove it from the oven, put a dollop of aioli on each ear, and spread it around. Once the corn is coated in the aioli, finish it with the cotija/tajin mixture, and enjoy!

For the potatoes:

These can be warmed under the broiler as well, also on a sheet tray lined with tinfoil. Stir them halfway through so that the ones on the bottom get warm, and the ones on top don’t burn.

For the tortillas:

I recommend charring the tortillas over an open flame for 5-10 seconds on each side, and then stacking them beneath a warm slightly damp towel. You can also heat them in a nonstick/cast iron pan, or the oven

For the slaw:

It’s ready to go! Crunchy, fresh, and sweet, top off your tacos with a pinch of this goodness.

For taco construction:

No rules here as usual. Get crazy with it. I’d start with shrimp, add some slaw, pickled onions, and a squeeze of lime. You can even put some cotija on there! Or aioli. The possibilities are endless. Definitely try some potatoes with the aioli… That’s all…

Dinner served. Dinner solved.


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