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Udon Noodles

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I wish we could serve noodles every day. I’ve managed to sneak them on the menu once a week, if not once every two weeks, but everyone always encourages me to switch it up… Oh well. Noodles are delicious. Udon is one of our favorites. This broth is made form kombu, dried mushrooms, roasted aka miso, sweet shiro miso, and charred onions. I fortified it with lemongrass, ginger, and lime leaves, and while it may be nice and light, it packs a punch. Warm up some broth, and make yourself a bowl!

For the noodles and broth:

Empty your container of roasted miso dashi into a large saucepot. Set the heat to medium high, and once vapors begin to rise (not boiling!!!), add your udon noodles. Stir to break up any clumps, and remove from the heat. With a ladle and a pair of tongs, gently grab some noodles and scoop some broth into your favorite big bowl.

For the sweet chili shrimp:

If udon is our favorite noodle, these are our favorite shrimp. Marinated in citrus and sweet chili, they are lightly poached to perfection. I recommend just tossing these right into your bowl of hot broth and noodles, no more reheating necessary!

For the bok choy:

We bought all the bok choy that Ray had left today. Hope you’re excited for one of the last tastes of summer! Because of its inherent deliciousness, we didn’t have to do much to make this sweet green veggie delicious. A little roasted sesame and ginger, and a quick flash under the broiler did the trick. Pop these into your hot bowl of broth, or broil them in the oven if you’d prefer them on the side!

For the shaved veggies and mizuna:

This part of the noodle bowl is a flavor and texture bomb. Lots of raw, shaved and grated veggies (turnips, kohlrabi, peppers, squash, radish, and fresh mizuna) make for some fun textures and flavors when you mix them in! Grab a pinch of each, and enjoy.


That’s it! We hope you enjoy your noodle bowls! #weareweco

Dinner served. Dinner solved.

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