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Roasted Carrot Salad

I’m super into veggies these days. I really think that if we were all to just eat more veggies, good things will happen. To your mental health, your physical health, the world, everything is made better by eating more veggies. Just eating more well-sourced food in general, really, will help all of these things, but I am pretty stoked on my affinity for veggies this year. Listen to me… I know I’m growing up and all… but I never thought that I would be so excited about freaking veggies. Whatever. You gotta eat your veggies. I’m trying to help this along, by providing the most delicious dinners every day- but especially with the vegan/veggie second options that we’ve been banging out this week. Tonight’s roasted carrot salad is a little different- but different is good! Maple roasted baby carrots, topped off with poached + pickled apricots (this chutney-like thing is probably one of the most flavorful and delicious things we’ve ever created- it’s awesome), shaved squash and arugula, with some marcona almonds and a mint + lime vinaigrette. Satiate your taste buds and your soul. Yum!

For the salad:

Really simple. Mix it all up! Or don’t, and enjoy the layers of flavors. That was our intent, to stack things up in order of light to rich. The carrots provide the baseline roasty factor, the apricots have some sweetness, acidity, and chile heat, and the arugula, squash, almonds and mint vinaigrette. Give the lightness and freshness that you deserve 🙂

Dress it up with the vinaigrette, season with some nice sea salt, and experience the wonders of veggies. And layers. And arugula. I mean I can’t stop eating arugula. Good thing Ray has plenty!

If you got a roasted chicken breast:

Good call! Sometimes, a simple marinade is all that you need to make an organic, ABF chicken breast worthy of gracing the top of a salad. Olive oil has some type of property that tenderizes meat. I could go into it in more detail, but I’m kind of rushed today, and beginning to run out of space (as usual). Basically, seasoning the oil with lots of aromatics doesn’t dilute the flavor or potency of the oil, and only adds more and more layers of flavor and depth. Organic olive oil, tons of herbs, lemons, spices, and chicken. That’s it. So simple, and very good- especially on top of a salad. I’d recommend broiling the chicken, cause I enjoy the texture contrast between warm slices of chicken and cold salad. Broil, or grill the chicken breast until it’s nice and hot. Give it a rest, and then slice, and layer on top of the big ass salad. There you go. There you have it. Now get in there! <3 WECO

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